A betterNext.js scaffold

Stop wasting your time setting up your projects. Hit the ground running with a production-ready Next.js app, complete with authentication, GraphQL, TailwindCSS, and more!

All-in-one scaffold

Build faster with these included features.

User Accounts

Built with easy-to-extend user accounts, and password-based authentication.

Included UI Components

Comes with a set of useful base UI components, built with Tailwind CSS.

Dark Mode Support

The built-in dark mode automatically matches the user's dark mode preferences, and can also be set by the user.

Easy-to-use Forms

Leverage all the power of React Hook Form, with both client- and server-side form validation built in.

Authenticated Routes

Never wonder how to protect your pages again, with authenticated route helpers.

GraphQL + Prisma

Easily use your Prisma data models in GraphQL, while keeping complete control over what is exposed.

Best-in-class Developer Experience

All of your favorite tools are set up and ready to go, providing you an unrivaled developer experience out of the box.

Continuous Integration

Leverage GitHub Actions to get immediate continuous integration. Validating builds has never been easier.

Consistent Local Development

Docker Compose makes local development consistent for your whole team, eliminating "works on my machine".

Easily Extensible

Built on the solid foundation of Next.js, Nytro can easily be extended based on your project and use-cases.

Type Safe. No, really.

Nytro delivers unparalleled type safety, from defining models in your Prisma schema, all the way down to querying for them in your client.


Easily deploy your Nytro app to any cloud provider, with its included Dockerfile, and pre-configured security headers.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I get access to Nytro?
Once you purchase Nytro, you will be emailed a license key. The license key can be used to get access to a private GitHub repository containing the source code. Nytro requires a GitHub account to access. If you missed the activation flow, you may resume it here: https://nytro.dev/activate
What do I need to know to use Nytro?
Nytro is designed to be easy to pick up. The architecture aims to make complex pieces of the application well documented, and isolated. The most fundamental technologies in Nytro are Next.js, GraphQL, and Prisma. It is best if you have a basic understanding of React, Next.js, and databases.
Will there be updates?
Yes! Nytro will receive ongoing updates to keep it aligned with best practices, and also extend the core feature-set as time goes on. All updates will be available via GitHub, and documented via release notes.
What is the software license for Nytro?
Nytro has a closed source software license. It allows for use of Nytro for one product. If you work on multiple products based on Nytro, you will need to buy a license key for each of them.
Can I use Nytro for open-source projects?
Unfortunately, the software license for Nytro prevents you from using it directly in open-source projects. However, Nytro contains patterns that you can learn and easily leverage in your open-source projects.
How many people can use one license?
Licenses can be used by an unlimited amount of individuals.
How do I get support?
Once you purchase Nytro, you will gain access to a Discord where you can get support. You can also create issues on the Nytro repo on GitHub.